McGillivray — Trusted. Partner with the real estate professionals I trust. Mauo Bucci and the Me and Ang Team! Your home sold guaranteed realty specialists inc. Brokerage, Aurora Ontario.
McGillivray — Trusted. Partner with the real estate professionals I trust. Mauo Bucci and the Me and Ang Team! Your home sold guaranteed realty specialists inc. Brokerage, Aurora Ontario.

Empty Nesters Selling in Markham: Important Realtor Tips

All empty nesters selling Markham probably share a feeling of overwhelm at some point. Especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years – it can feel stressful to move. But often, it’s necessary to downsize after the kids move out.

In this quick guide, we’ll give you tips to make your move as smooth as possible. We also have a free report for you packed with great info. It’s called “The Empty Nester; How To Sell A Place You Call Home.”

1. Know Why You’re Selling, But Don’t Share!

To sell a house and feel satisfied, it’s important to know why you’re selling. The reasons you sell will impact what your goals are and where you must be unmovable. For example, if you need to sell fast, you may be willing to take less money. Or, if you need profits, you may be willing to wait for the right buyer.

Empty nesters selling in Markham may consider:

  • The money you walk away with
  • The length of time your property is on the market
  • Finding a new perfect home
  • Finding a good buyer

When you sell a house, buyers will always try to get the best possible price in negotiations. If they know your motivations and reasons for selling, they’ll try to leverage them. This is why you should keep your reasons to yourself. If someone asks why you’re selling, just tell them your needs have changed.

2. Do Everything You Can to Improve Your Home’s Sale Price

Getting the most money out of your home requires some work. Doing as much as you can to improve your property and make it appealing to buyers will help. Curb appeal, small fixes, and staging are all important.

Make sure to clean up the yard and make it look great. Clean or paint the outside if it will help spruce up the curb appeal. The same goes for the interior of your home. Make sure everything is clean. Move out unnecessary furniture and clutter. Get rid of smells, dust, and freshen up dingy looking walls.

You should also take the time to make any small repairs necessary. Fix door knobs, lights, squeaky hinges and anything a buyer may notice as they walk through.

3. Don’t Move Out Before You Sell Your Home

Empty nesters selling in Markham should not move out before selling! This can cause a variety of potential drawbacks. It could even impact how long it takes to find a buyer. Some of the reasons include:

Difficulty in Showcasing the Home

An empty home can feel cold and impersonal, making it harder for buyers to visualize themselves living there. Staging and showcasing a furnished home can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere that may attract more buyers.

Limited Access for Showings

Moving out could make it challenging for real estate agents to schedule showings with potential buyers. Limited access to the property can result in missed opportunities and delays in selling your home.

Increased Maintenance and Security Concerns

An empty home may require additional maintenance and security measures. Without regular occupancy, issues such as lawn care, snow removal, and security monitoring may become more challenging to manage.

Our Team Can Help Empty Nesters Selling in Markham

If you’re ready to sell your empty nest, give The MEandANG Team a call. We’ve done this hundreds of times and we’ll help you get it done right. Our team has a track record of helping empty nesters selling in Markham that can’t be beat.

We’ll even give you a home seller guarantee. If you want to find out more about our Guaranteed Sale Program, use the form below.

We’re also happy to help you find the new home of your dreams! Give us a call at (905) 503-7653 or use the form below. We’ll be in touch right away.

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