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As a small town, King City employs 34% of the workforce, and education, which employs 16% of the workforce. Retail establishments are small, family-run businesses, with the exception of financial and realty services. Almost all retailers are located on King Road between Keele Street and Dufferin Street, or on Keele Street south of King Road to Station Road. In the 1980s there was a proposal to build a 3,700 square metres (40,000 sq ft) mall at the northwest corner of King Road and Dufferin Street for 10 to 15 stores and commercial office space. It was never built, but in 2014 construction began on that space for a mall. The project was approved by municipal council in March 2013, and will consist of 16 buildings totalling 151,056 square feet that will include a Coppa’s Fresh Market supermarket, a gas station and drive-through convenience restaurant, and banks. via Wikipedia

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